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What does your company name mean?

What's the difference between a wedding planner and wedding coordinator?

The founder and senior event coordinator of our company Dipti, is often referred to as D by friends and family, hence the name D The Event Planner. Our clients quickly turn into friends so you will soon be meeting and calling her D as well!

A wedding planner is someone who will help you from the very beginning to the very end of the planning process. A wedding coordinator is someone who will be present the day of the wedding to ensure flow of events, manage any emergencies, and keep everyone on schedule.

Do I really need a wedding planner or coordinator?

No. You do not need a planner/coordinator however it is highly recommended. Most couples these days are working professionals who are just too busy to plan a wedding. Wedding planning can become extremely stressful when you do not have the appropriate time, tools, and resources that are needed in order to plan your dream wedding. Your wedding is such an important, not to mention expensive event in your life that it just makes sense to hire a professional to plan it. We have the network, the resources, the tools, the passion, and the experience needed in order to make the process easier for you. Doesn’t it just make sense to let us handle the nitty gritty so you can have peace of mind and just enjoy your wedding? Seems like a no brainer!

My friends and family are helping plan my wedding. Do I still need a wedding planner/coordinator?

It` s amazing to have friends and family that are willing to help plan your wedding. You` re lucky to have people like that in your life! Chances are that the people offering to help you, are the ones closest to you. Keeping that in mind, do you really want them to be running around during your wedding instead of spending those precious moments with you? And even though your family and friends want to help, they probably don` t know what to do or where to start. Don` t get us wrong - we aren` t saying your friends and family are clueless ; however, they just don` t have experience dealing with situations related to wedding planning. If there is a mishap with a vendor or a last minute emergency they aren` t equipped with the resources and network needed in order to take charge and fix the situation. But that` s what our team is for - we have the network, resources, and experience to handle any situation that may come up so you and your family can be stress free.

Can I afford to have a wedding planner/coordinator?

You can't afford not to have a wedding planner/coordinator. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a wedding planner doesn’t fit into a wedding budget. It` s just an "additional expense that isn` t needed." But ask yourself - do you want the plans that you spent so much time, money, and effort behind to be well coordinated in order to ensure they happen exactly as you want? Chances are you` re nodding your head yes right now - which means that you understand wedding coordination is just as much a part of a the budget as photography or catering. By choosing to hire a wedding planner you can actually save money and time because our recommendations will be based on our expertise and experiences with trusted vendors. Most importantly you will be able to relax and enjoy your big day knowing that everything is being taken care of by a professional!

Do you charge for consultations?

Our initial consultation is free. We want a chance to get to know you and what your visions, dreams, and expectations are. Simultaneously we want you to get to know us as well. We strongly believe that we have to be on the same page as our clients so if we feel like sparks are flying during our initial consultation then we can move forward by customizing a package just for you!

Do you travel out-of state or to destination weddings?

Yes of course! Our travel agents are on stand-by ready to book our flights. We will travel to any location that your heart desires or your love story takes you!

Can I call you? Often? Like everyday?

Absolutely. You can call, text, email, – whatever you feel most comfortable with! Don` t ever hesitate to reach out to us. We want to be in constant communication with you throughout the entire process. Who knows, you might even find yourself talking to us more than you do to your fiance!

What if I have done most of the planning already? Can you still help me?

We absolutely can! Our “month/day of coordination service” would be the perfect package for you. We will come in and execute all of your well-laid plans so you can focus on enjoying your big day!

Do you do events besides weddings?

Yes, we do. We have helped plan and coordinate proposals, engagements, and even honeymoons! We will plan any event that you want to celebrate.

All of this sounds amazing and wonderful but the real question is, how much is this going to cost?

Every couple has a different dream and different vision for their wedding. Every family has different expectations and priorities of what is important to them. Keeping that in mind, we really like to customize our base event service packages based on our clients needs. Once we have our initial complimentary consultation we can provide you with a quote based on your needs. We know, you probably just let out a really loud exasperated sigh because this isn` t the answer you` re looking for, but we promise to schedule your consultation as soon as you contact us and then we will be able to give you all the the information your heart desires. We know you` re awesome so thank you in advance for understanding how the process works!

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I want D The Event Planner to plan, manage, and coordinate my wedding so it` s a dream come true! How do I move forward?

We’re so happy that we will get to be a part of your big day! In order to move forward head over to our Contact Us page, send us an email and we will get you setup!

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